Welcome Table

Welcome to the 2023 CWCCA National!  We look forward to seeing you!  The Welcome Table will be open on Monday from noon until 4pm, then daily from 8-4 beginning on Tuesday.

We will have separate stations for you to pick up your various items, so there is no line to wait in.  Stop at each station at your leisure throughout the week.

  1. Make your own name tags.  If this is your first National, your name tag will be yellow.  Blue for Board members and green for committee chairs. White for everyone else.
  2. Welcome bags.  
  3. Pre-ordered raffle tickets.  To make life easier for the raffle committee, please put your name and phone # on each ticket before the raffle on Thursday.
  4. Annual banquet tickets.  
  5. Pre-ordered catalogs.
  6. Purchase raffle tickets and catalogs.  There will be a limited amount of catalogs available for sale, $25.  Additional raffle tickets are also available for purchase, 15 tickets for $10.
  7. Wearables orders.
  8. A table of “freebies” – handouts and information to take with you.

There will be no physical tickets for the Monday evening Performance Banquet.  We will have a list at the door and you will be given a wristband so you can go through the buffet line.

If you have a Saturday banquet ticket for sale, or you are looking for one, there will be a board available at the Welcome Table to list these.

Please stop by the Welcome Table if you have any questions throughout the week, we’re here to help!  Also, look for anyone wearing a blue or green name tag (board members and committee chairs), they will be glad to help.

Click to pre-order your catalog!


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