Vendor spaces are 10′ x 10′ for $250. Multi-space discounts are available at $200 for each additional space.  Each contract includes one (1) table and two (2) chairs. Electricity $25 per drop.

If the company donates an item to our silent auction of $50 or greater, we deduct that from their booth price. 


Vendor Chair: Heidi Kilgore

Set up is Monday April 3rd at 8 am.  Booth must remain standing and manned until 3 pm or the end of Best of Breed judging on Saturday, whichever is first. 

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Vendor Rules:

  1. Please be courteous to all exhibitors and other vendors.
  2. Keep in mind SAFETY FIRST when arranging your booth. Power cords must be secured and not a trip hazard. Stacking of your products is permitted as long as it is done safely and will not easily topple and/or possibly fall onto another vendor’s space. There are no walls to separate booths. If your booth arrangement causes damage to another vendor’s merchandise due to falling, sliding or toppling, etc., you will be responsible for any and all damages.
  3. Vendor will be responsible for any/all damage to the host facility caused by booth setup, products, or activities, including but not limited to floor indentations and stains.
  4. No generators or motors allowed in building.
  5. Tents inside the building will be at the discretion of the host facility, the CWCCA Show Committee, and the Fire Marshall.
  6. If you have a complaint or problem, please contact the Vendor Chairperson or the CWCCA Show Chair. The CWCCA Show Chair has the right and authority to resolve any issues that may possibly arise.
  7. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America and/or the host facility cannot be held responsible for any lost, missing, stolen or damaged merchandise, equipment, negotiable funds, or personal items.
  8. The performance of this agreement is subject to termination without liability upon the occurrence of any circumstance beyond the control of the CWCCA and the host facility, such as acts of God, war, acts of terrorism, government regulations, utility disruptions, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, floods, or other emergencies to the extent that such circumstance makes it impossible for the CWCCA to provide, or for the Vendor in general to use, the facilities. The CWCCA will not refund money for events that have been cancelled due to “acts of God” or impossible circumstances.
  9. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America and/or the host facility reserve the right to remove, without a refund, any person and/or any product from the show site that is determined to be hazardous, detrimental, or not in the best interest of dogs, and/or exhibitors.
  10. Vendor booths are expected to be open from 8 a.m. until one (1) hour after the last event in the show ring closes on every selling day through Saturday, but not later than 5 p.m.
  11. Vendor agrees to accept booth location assigned by The CWCCA Vendor Chairperson.
  12. You must provide your own liability insurance for the event and provide Certificates of Insurance naming The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America and Nestle Holdings, Inc., Nestle Purina PetCare Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates as additional insured, covering the dates you will be at the facility, including setup and teardown.


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