RV Parking

RV Reservations will be handled directly by Roberts Centre.

All applications are to be made by using the form  and returning it to cwilliamson@columbushospitality.com

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Roberts Centre will handle ALL RV Reservations and Individual Guests will be held responsible for maintenance of the parking lot as laid out below.

 The Roberts Centre has 26 RV Spots all of which are Full Hook-ups, and at a rate of $40 per night / all other parking is considered dry parking at a rate of $25 per night. GUESTS MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR RV PARKING. RV availability is on a first come first serve basis.  

Payment – All checks must be payable to The Roberts Centre. You may also pay by credit card. Payment in full is required when reservation is made.  Paid reservations must be received no later than two weeks before the event that you will be attending. No refunds will be issued after this date.  All RV parking is on a pre-paid reservation basis.

Reserved Spot Assignments/Requirements – All spaces will be pre-assigned. “Holding” or changing spaces is not permitted. If you would like to be next to someone please designate it on your reservation form.  Reservation of additional RV Parking spaces is not permitted. This includes no cones, rope, string, other vehicles, x-pens, mats, or any other means of reserving parking space.  RVs MUST NOT be parked within 6ft of Roberts Road or in front of the area where the hookups begin – this is for guest safety and must be followed.

One additional vehicle is permitted overnight per RV space reserved. No parking of any additional vehicles in your assigned space is permitted.  All vehicles must be self-contained.  Please be courteous when parking. Leave enough room for your slide outs, awnings and vehicle.

Cleaning and Maintenance of RV Spot Requirements – It is the individual guest’s responsibility  to ensure they are leaving their reserved RV Parking spot the way they found it without damaging the spot, or leaving behind trash/waste.  It is required that the guest dispose of all trash, waste, bedding, etc from the reserved RV spot prior to departure. If the guest requires trash bags, they can be purchased from our front desk or banquets department for $1.00 per bag.  Excessive cleaning of the guest’s reserved RV Spot after the guest has “checked-out” will result in an additional cleaning fee of a minimum of $50.00, this amount may vary depending upon the amount of cleaning and or damage to the reserved spot. 

 Check-In ProcedureAll Guest must check in at the Holiday Inn Hotel front desk to receive your RV Parking Tag prior to parking in your designated space. Check in time is 1pm. Check out time is 12:00 pm on the last day of your visit unless a later check out time is agreed to by the Roberts Centre.

The Roberts Centre, Columbus Hospitality Management, R&L Investment, Mars Inc, Royal Canin, and Eukanuba are not responsible for fire, theft, injury, or loss of personal property. Guest and all users of this property are liable for property damage.  

Compliance with RV Parking Rules is MANDATORY.

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