The 28th Annual Megan Competition

Formal Attire  – Tails By Cardigans

Your Megan judges elected by the membership for 2022 are Cathy Ochs-Cline, Lisa Phillips, and Garrett Ramsay.


Important: In 2022 there will be procedural modifications in an attempt to streamline the event.  The changes are noted below and include:

  1. A permanent chair
  2. Elimination of the Intermediate round
  3. Judges confer and all three judge the final round
  4. Member co-owners must be listed in catalog
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Cash bar starting at 5:30
Hors d’oeuvres starting at 6:00

Fresh Crudités Display 
Fancy Domestic and Imported Cheese Display with crackers 
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Spring Rolls
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The Cardigan Welsh Corgi  Club of America, Inc dedicates the Megan Competition to the memory of Roberta Holden Bole, who brought the first Cardigans to this country in 1931. She was the guiding force behind the formation of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America in 1935. She organized many of the early Cardigan supported shows and specialties. In all, Mrs. Bole imported more than 20 Cardigans. Some died in transit. Others she was never able to register. Nevertheless, through her continuing efforts, she was able to launch the breed in this country for all of us to enjoy.

Advancing to the final round is referred to “making the cut”, and carries a great deal of prestige in being recognized among the pinnacles of Cardigan breed development. In that light, the Megan is traditionally considered a formal attire event. This competition is open to all Cardigan Welsh Corgis world wide that have completed the requirements for a conformation championship. AKC approval of this event is not required as this competition is considered a Fun Match, therefore non-pointed.

ELIGIBILITY: This competition is open to all Cardigan Welsh Corgis world wide that have completed the requirements for a conformation championship. AKC approval of this event is not required as this competition is considered a conformation style club event; however, AKC does require that entries in this competition be restricted to dogs owned or co-owned by members of the CWCCA at the time of entry. Spayed or neutered champions, regardless of age, are eligible for this competition

Through the generosity of the members and friends of the CWCCA, this competition offers the following awards:

  • Best & Runner–Up in each of the eight classes divided by sex & color receive a rosette.
  • Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi – the Megan Award & Megan Medallion
  • Breeder of the Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi – the Hanging Rock Award & Megan Medallion. This is automatically given to the breeder of the dog winning the Megan Competition
  • Runner-Up to Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi – the Cadno Award & Megan Medallion
  • Best of Opposite Sex to Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi – the Cassie Award & Megan Medallion

The Megan Medallion bears a likeness of the first American Champion Cardigan, MEGAN.

GUIDELINES AND RULES: The Megan Competition will be governed by the following guidelines and

  1. Three judges and two alternates for this competition will be selected by the CWCCA membership. Judges will be limited to those breeders who have a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in the breed. Judges will have bred five cardigan litters in their home (not just co-bred) and will have produced five Cardigan champions. Judges must be CWCCA members and will have attended a total of four (4) specialties in the prior six (6) years, two (2) of which must have been at Nationals. A person is eligible to judge the Megan Competition once every five (5) years.
  2. No officiating judge shall own, co-own or exhibit any entry at the Megan Competition.
  3. An exhibitor may not exhibit under a judge who has owned, co- owned or handled the entry during the previous year prior to the competition.
  4. Persons who live in the same household or co-own or co-breed dogs are not eligible to be members of the same Megan Competition judging panel in the same year.
  5. Exhibitors who live in the same household as one of the Megan Judges are not eligible at that year’s Megan Competition.
  6. A Cardigan dog or bitch having won the Megan Competition is not eligible for any future Megan Competitions.
  7. Any possible conflict of interest or error in judging procedure should be brought to the attention of the Megan Committee Chairperson and/ or Event Secretary for referral to the CWCCA Board as soon as possible. The CWCCA Board will determine whether, in fact, a conflict exists and will than rule accordingly. Any CWCCA Board ruling will be final.

JUDGING PROCEDURES: The Megan Competition will be judged by a panel of three (3) judges. Procedures are designed so that the judges must agree on all placements and awards.

Classes: There will be eight (8) classes divided by sex and color in the Preliminary Round. The Final Round will be a single class consisting of the eight (8) winners from the Preliminary Round.

Class Number & Description

  • 1) Red/ Sable Dogs 
  • 2) Brindle Dogs 
  • 3) Black Dogs ► 
  • 4) Blue Merle Dogs ► 
  • 5) Red/ Sable Bitches
  • 6) Brindle Bitches
  • 7) Black Bitches
  • 8) Blue Merle Bitches

with or without tan or brindle points

Judging Assignments: Immediately prior to judging a drawing will be held to determine each Individual Judge’s Reference Number (Judge 1, Judge 2, and Judge 3), the Megan Competition Chairman will make the judging assignments based on class size and the Judge’s Reference Number assigned to each If classes happen to be equal, bitches will be assigned first by their assigned Number.  Judging assignments will be as follows:

  • Judges (1) and (2) will judge the second largest dog class and the second largest bitch class.
  • Judges (1) and (3) will judge the largest class and two smallest classes of the opposite sex to the largest
  • Judges (2) and (3) will judge the remaining three
  • All three judges (1) (2) (3) will judge the final round together. They are tasked with collectively selecting the Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Runner-Up, and Best of Opposite Sex.

Procedure: Judging will be divided into a Preliminary and Final Round of competition.  The Final Round will follow the completion of the Preliminary round of all 8 classes:

  • Preliminary Round: Each judge will examine each entry individually on the table and then both judges will stand together while each entry is moved. When preliminary judging of the entire class is completed, the judges will confer and are tasked with selecting the Best and Runner-up in the class.  With all Preliminary Round entrants in the ring, the judges will present the Best and Runner-up. The Best in Class will move on to the Final Round with the Runner-Up standing by for Megan Runner-Up.  All other entrants will be excused from further competition.
  • Final Round: The Best of the eight (8) classes will be judged together in the ring by all three judges.   Any judge who has not previously examined an entrant will be provided an opportunity to go over that dog/bitch on the table.  Once all dogs have been examined and moved, the judges will make their award for Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Megan.  The Runner-Up from the class will then enter the ring to be judged for Megan Runner-Up. The award order shall be as follows:
    • Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi
    • Runner-Up To Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi
    • Best of Opposite Sex to Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi
  • The award of Breeder of Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi is automatically given to the breeder of the dog winning the Megan Competition. If the Runner-Up to Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi is of the opposite sex to the winner, the Runner-Up is automatically also awarded Best of Opposite Sex.



    1. Entrants are responsible for obtaining entry blanks from the Event Secretary early enough to meet the entry deadline. Entries must be filed with the Event Secretary no later than the entry deadline.
    2. A CWCCA member must own or co-own the dog at the time of entry and their name must be listed in the catalog.
    3. A non-refundable entry fee of $25.00 US funds for each entry must accompany the entry. Foreign entries must submit fees as one of the following: US Dollar Money Order, International Money Order or as a certified check in US Funds.


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