The CWCCA Offers three parades.

• Parade of Title Holders / Champions: Entry fee is $20.00

• Parade of Therapy Dogs: Entry fee is $10.00

• Parade of Rescue Dogs: Entry fee is $5.00

The  Parade of Title Holders / Champions is open to  all Cardigan Welsh Corgis that have any title: Conformation Championship, Obedience, Tracking, Herding, Agility, Rally, Search and Rescue, CGC or TDI, or anything else.

The Parade of Therapy Dogs is open to all dogs who hold a certification or registration from an AKC recognized organization.

The Parade of Rescue Dogs is open to all Cardigan Welsh Corgis who have been rescued.

This year we promise to make the parades SPECIAL!  We will be taking your entries here on our website and you will be able to list all of your titles, not just those from AKC.  In addition, the write-up you submit will be posted in the National Specialty catalog and on our website.  You may include a photo for the website.

The Parades will be held on Thursday with a judging break before Winners Dog.

Watch for entries to open.


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