Puppy Sweepstakes


Best Opposite in Sweepstakes SNAPDRAGON STEALER OF HEARTS

6-9 Puppy Dogs

  1. Serah In Search Of Waldo
  2. Cadnoclun’s Jimmy Driftwood
  3. Rochar’s Ruler Of The Roost At Shelshire
  4. Phi-Cub Run Get Off Of My Cloud

9-12 Puppy Dogs

  1. Corona Red Phoenix Rising
  2. Redbud Oak Leaf Man About Town
  3. Stubbyacres Alltrade Sunday Kind Of Love
  4. Fernbriar Cast A Line

12-15 Puppy Dogs

  1. Snapdragon Stealer Of Hearts
  2. GCH CH Riverside Boss Is Bet’s On
  3. Sundance Call Me Cupid
  4. Cardiridge’s Social Experiment

15-18 Puppy Dogs

  1. CH Alltrade Stubbyacres Fly Me To The Moon
  2. Oak Leaf Redbud Let’s Go!
  3. Sundance Call Me Cupid
  4. Oak Leaf Redbud Ready To Run CGC TKN

6-9 Puppy Bitches

  1. Serah Indecent Proposal
  2. Landsend-Woodrose Touch Of Grey
  3. Riverside The Very One Boss At Solera
  4. Coedwig’s She’s A Rainbow

9-12 Puppy Bitches

  1. Aurigan Reallife Shelby
  2. Winjammin’ Arbennig Rock U Like A Hurricane
  3. Redbud Oak Leaf Permission Granted
  4. Wonderland Telltail Comet Halley

12-15 Puppy Bitches

  1. CH Vestavia Genuine Risk TKN
  2. Wonderland Telltail Scout’s Honor
  3. CCH Snapdragon Every Beat Of My Heart
  4. Shakay True Sugar Joy

15-18 Puppy Bitches

  1. Lost River Making A Splash At Aubrey
  2. Tailwind Pecan Valley Dragonfly
  3. Foggy Bottom Strait To My Heart
  4. Windmill’s Love Will Remember
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