Agility Trials

Photo Credit Urban Pulse Photography.

We will have two trials back-to back-on Monday, May 31st.

Criteria for the HIT: Qualifying scores in both Standard (STD) & Jumpers with Weaves (JWW) classes of the same trial are required. Each dog will be assigned points based on the STD class ENTERED for that trial (30 for Ex/Mas; 20 for Open; 10 for Novice). These points are added to the dog’s speed points (judge’s course time minus the dog’s course time) plus the dog’s score for each course. The dogs with the most points are HIT.

No Double Qs? Then Standard runs only will be used in the formulation of HIT.


Agility Judge: Ronda Bermke

Agility Chair:

Kathy Roberts

Agility Secretary;

Michelle Frasca

Agility Venue;

Lake Country Soccer, Inc.
2334 E. Pythian
Springfield, MO 65802




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