Agility Glory Runs

The CWCCA is pleased to offer “Glory Runs”.  

Open to AKC registered, retired and/or disabled agility dogs who are not competing in the regular trials. This special event is designed to showcase and honor retired and/or disabled agility dogs.

The Glory Run is a special event on a numbered course consisting of jumps and tunnels only which each dog may run at any height up to 12″ or at no height (bars removed). Each dog may run the complete course or any part of it. While each dog is running, we will announce his/her full name and tell the dog’s “story”. At the conclusion of the run, we will present each dog with a special ribbon.

This event is limited to 20 dogs on a first come basis.

The cost for the Glory Run will be $10.00. 
For 2021 they will be held after Trial 2.

Please note: Dogs participating in the Glory Runs may NOT be entered in either trial and must be ambulatory.

Entries closed May 5, 2021.

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