Hotel Information

Holiday Inn Wilmington

at Roberts Centre

Our host hotel this year is the Holiday Inn at the Roberts Centre.




Single Rate

Double Rate





The Holiday Inn at the Roberts Centre is now open for CWCCA National Reservations.

Call  937-283-3200 only. Select option 3 for a Holiday Inn Guest Service Representative.

New Block Code:  CCW

All rates are net non-commissionable and are subject to state and local occupancy taxes.  The current tax rate is 13.25 %. 

Holiday Inn Roberts Centre Room Reservation Information

Room Rate:  $119 plus taxes
Hotel Line Direct:  937-283-3200  Press 3 for Guest Services Representative.

Note: Please call the hotel during regular business hours and make sure to specify the club name and code or you may be given erroneous information.

Reservations must be received no later than (New date pending).  The Hotel will continue to accept reservations after the cut-off date on a space and rate available basis only.


  1. All dogs left unattended in hotel guest rooms must be crated
  2. The Hotel will provide sheets of plastic to place under the crates Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America will make sure that all members are placing sheets of plastic under their crates. Up to six (6) dogs will be permitted per room.
  3. Housekeepers will not have to service rooms in which dogs are loose and unattended. Moreover, they will be required to report this rule violation to hotel management. A pet deposit of $40 will be charged for each room in which a dog is housed. Individual room occupants will be assessed for any damage or destruction to their room.
  4. Dogs will be bathed in designated areas for dog washing. There will be no grooming of dogs in hotel rooms and no hotel towels will be used for this purpose.
  5. Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America will assign a liaison to meet daily with the Head of Housekeeping and hotel management to assure that all of its members are complying with hotel rules. Any offenders will be asked to leave hotel immediately.
  6. Dogs will not be permitted in any of the hotel recreation areas, including the swimming pools, and any other areas to be stipulated as “non-dog” locations.
  7. Dogs will not be permitted in food and beverage outlets, with the exception of those assisting the disabled.
  8. Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America will work with hotel management to establish a sufficient number of dog walking/exercising areas for all Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America – 2017 and management will create a site map with the designated areas clearly marked. These areas will also be staked and marked with colored tape so it is evident where they are located.
  9. The hotel will provide trash receptacles in the designated exercised areas for deposit of waste.
  10. Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America will provide plastic bags and appropriate scoops, etc. for the collection of waste.
  11. Pick up and removal of waste will be the responsibility of each dog owner/handler.
  12. Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America will appoint a Grounds Committee to continuously monitor all exercise areas to assure that members comply with the rules.
  13. No Soft Sided Crates in Royal Canin Ring and Eukanuba Field
  14. Convention Center doors must be closed during event hours for safety of the dogs, Royal Canin Ring and Eukanuba Field /Roberts Centre/Holiday will take no responsibility to insure doors remain closed.
  15. No dogs can be left/crated in Royal Canin Ring and Eukanuba Field overnight.


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