Grooming facilities at Purina are the top of the line!  They have right and left handed bathing tubs, adequate space for all of us, and plenty of power.

The following guidelines will be in effect while using the indoor grooming area. Members of the Show Committee and the Grooming Area Coordinator will enforce all the rules listed below.


  • 4 dogs minimum per space.  If you only have one or two dogs, please find someone to share with. If you need help in finding someone to share with please send an email to the grooming chair, and they will do their best to hook you up.  
  • No soft-sided crates are allowed in the main grooming area and all crates must be stackable.
  • Maximum of 2 spaces per person, as long as you have more than 4 or more dogs in each.
  • NO spaces will be sold for a separate area to entertain.
  • If you have someone that you would like to groom with, please let us know on the form.
  • All spaces must be paid by Paypal or Check within 10 days, or the spaces will return to the pool.
  • Spaces are 5′ x 10′ and have power.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for keeping a clean area in and around their grooming space. The grooming area will be cleaned nightly. Please remember to clean your area prior to leaving for the night.
PLEASE DO NOT BUY MORE SPACES THAN YOU NEED.  If you are handicapped, please indicate so on the form, and we have spots reserved.  As always, we will do our best to set you up with others as requested. 

Dogs may be left in the grooming area overnight from Monday night, May 6th though Friday night May 10th, HOWEVER, each dog must have a card filled out with your contact number and the dog’s info on it. Dogs remaining without the contact will not be allowed to remain overnight.  Please plan to have all your kennel chores completed and/or dogs not staying overnight by 10 p.m. each night. 


Download Printable CRATE CARD (required for overnight)

The grooming area will be open at NOON on Monday, May 6th.  Please check back with the schedule of events or with Marla Gardner. Tuesday through Saturday the grooming area will be open from 6am to 10pm. 

We must be totally out of the grooming room by 10pm on Saturday, May 11th.  Please plan accordingly around the Annual Banquet which will also be at Purina.

If you have any questions concerning the grooming and/or the grooming area guidelines, please contact:

Marla Gardner, Grooming Chair 
(314) 894-0455 (please leave a detailed message)

Map of Purina Grooming Layout


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