Purina Rules

The CWCCA has arranged for the Purina gates to be open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
If you need to come or go between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM, you will have to call Purina
Security at 636-221-1428.

Purina Event Center hours are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Any dog staying overnight in the
grooming area MUST HAVE a note card on its crate clearly displaying a primary AND
secondary cell phone number of the owner and/ or handler in case of emergency.
Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. This includes properly
disposing of waste and using designated relief areas and the public x-pen area on the
east side of the Gateway Hall for all elimination needs.

Designated stations throughout the facility should be used appropriately (i.e. watering
station should not be used for waste or other materials).

Exhibitors may NOT bring or use motorized vehicles on Purina property unless a medical
condition requires the use of one. Documentation must be presented upon request by
Purina Farms staff.

All food and beverages need to be purchased through the on-site food service and
catering company.

No outside food or beverage, or outside food service/catering company, is allowed on
the Purina Farms property. Bottled water can be brought in for judges and workers only.
Any Club in violation will be reported to the AKC. Each Club is expected to enforce the
no food and beverage policy among exhibitors and vendors. Any exhibitors in violation
will be asked to remove the food and beverage and if it happens again, then the
individual will be reported to the AKC.

No dogs are allowed, except for service dogs: In the Checkerboard Café, on the second
floor of the Purina Event Center (unless given prior permission) and in any restroom or
human bathing area.

All dogs are required to be on-leash at Purina Farms at all times (except when crated or
as required to be judged).

No swimming (dogs &/or people) allowed in any ponds on the property Purina asks that
you stay within the designated show site, which is within 100 yards of the Purina Event
Center. Please no smoking in and around buildings. No hunting or swimming is allowed.
Weapons of any kind, illegal drugs and fireworks are not permitted on the premises.

No parking is allowed in the following areas: Fire lanes, inside either Hall or on the
sidewalks leading into either Hall except where loading and unloading is designated.
Driving or parking on any grass or sidewalks at Purina Farms is prohibited. All exhibitors
must abide by the 15-minute unloading/loading parking time limit designated around
the Purina Event Center. No parking or driving on any grass at Purina.

Only cars ( Maximum 2) affiliated with the RV’s parked in the same spot as the RV will
be allowed in the RV lot. Any cars not affiliated with the RVs in the spots will be asked
to move or be towed at the owner’s expense.

No duct tape may be used in the building. No helium balloons allowed in either Hall.

No exercise pens allowed around the front and back of the Purina Event Center or the
grassy area adjacent to the East side of the Gateway Hall. Overall, exercise pens around
the perimeter of the entire building are strongly discouraged. Any exercise pens on
designated grassy areas should NOT have a flooring/covering to prevent damage to the
grass. Please follow directions at the show site given by the show committee for your
private x-pens.

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult, when on the grounds
(including Purina Farms Visitor’s Center).

Exhibitors accept personal liability with respect to any claim made in respect to any
damage or injury caused by their dog’s or dogs in their possession.

No selling of puppies or dogs on the premises.

All exhibitors and their dogs must remain on the part of the property owned by Purina
Farms. Trespassing on Purina Animal Nutrition property is forbidden. Purina Farms and
Purina Animal Nutrition are not affiliated. This extends approximately 100 yards from
the Event Center. No use of any of the exhibit areas out of doors is allowed.

Special Notes: Purina Event Center staff reserves the right to refuse entry to any party/
person or animal and retains the right to remove any person or persons and/or any
animal from the premises in order to ensure the safety of any and all visitors and dogs.
Exhibitors indemnify Purina, the affiliated person/s or businesses conducting the Show
or Trial, against any and all claims of arising that may be leveled against them, jointly or
severally, in respect to any damage, injury or loss to persons, pets and/or property.

In the event a severe weather or tornado warning is issued for the immediate area, Site
Security will notify the Purina Farms management team. The team will notify guests,
participants and exhibitors of an impending weather event via the public address system
inside the building and via the storm siren and announcements outside the building.
Guests, visitors and exhibitors will be asked to seek cover in place in designated areas.
Designated areas to seek cover, marked as severe weather shelter areas, include the
center hallway of the Purina Event Center, the inside wall of Gateway Hall and the South
stairwell. After the weather event ends, Purina Farms management teams will announce all clear.

Purina Farms Security 636-221-1428

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