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FAQ and New Questions

Question: When will the COF (Consolidated Order Form) be available?

Answer: The COF has been replaced this year with our new on-line store. In this way we can add items as they are ready. You can order items as you are ready to pay for them or wait and do one grand order at the end.

Question: I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still use the online store?

Answer: Yes! When you check out you will be given the choice to pay by check or through PayPal. If you choose to pay by check your order will be on hold until the check is received, at which time you will receive a confirmation upon our release of the order. If you choose to pay by PayPal but do not have an account when PayPal opens click on the box that says “Pay by Debit or Credit Card”. 

Question: We plan on attending the annual banquet. I will have my 2 children with me. Is there a kids meal option, or do i need to purchase them a meal from the choices listed? At the 2015 Nationals, a different menu item was offered for children.

My son has a peanut allergy. Is there a way to find out if the items served contain or may contain peanuts?

Answer: We can provide a child’s meal of chicken strips and fries, including a drink (juice) and ice cream for dessert for $20. No answer on the peanut question yet. You might try contacting hospitality chair Marilyn Van Vliet directly.

Question: Are dogs allowed at the annual banquet?

Answer: The banquet isn’t set up for dogs. Food service is formal. Before there’s generally a cash bar and people milling around visiting and perusing the silent auction items.

Question: I chose “Pay by Check” when I entered my order. Where do I mail my check?

Cheryl Kienast, Treasurer 
P. O. Box 295
Knoxville, TN. 37901-0295

Question: I have food allergies and need to talk with someone about possible accommodations at the banquets. I see Marilyn Van Vliet listed as the hospitality chair, but would appreciate contact information for her (email?/phone?) in order to coordinate. Thank you

Answer: Information now added to the banquet page. Marilyn Van Vleit – 503-510-1332 –

Question: Under Stud Dog/Brood Bitch it states “none of the dogs or bitches making up the entry judged first in the class will be eligible to compete for Best of Breed by virtue of having won this class.” All three of the dogs/bitches I want to put in stud dog /get are finished, so if I win the stud dog class, I cannot put any of the three dogs/bitches into Best of Breed on Saturday correct?

Answer:  I agree that the wording is confusing. They can be entered in best of breed. What the paragraph is trying to say is that if the stud dog wins the class that doesn’t make any non-champion get eligible to show in best of breed. The words that clued me in were “by virtue of having won this class”. So the “judged first” means judged and given first place, not judged prior to best of breed. In the stud dog paragraph above it says the get must be entered in a regular class and includes best of breed in the statement.


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