General Rules





When you or your agent sign the entry form, you automatically agree to the following terms concerning your stay in any hotel or motel during the duration of our Specialty. Exhibitors with recreational vehicles should follow the rules as applicable. These rules have been established for the good of all exhibitors and to help maintain good relationships between the dog show community and hotels/motels.

1. Plastic sheeting must be placed under every crate in a hotel/motel room. This will keep carpets clean and dry. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to provide their own plastic sheeting.

2. Dogs must be crated when owner is out of the room. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. Dogs must be kept on leash at all times while in the hotel/motel , lobbies or on the hotel/motel grounds with the exception of dogs in exercise pens or performance dogs practicing, warming up or trialing.

4. Under no circumstances can adhesive tape, tacks or any kind of sticky adhesives be used on the guest room doors.

5. No grooming or bathing of dogs in any guestroom. Bathing may only be done in the designated bathing area. Exhibitors must supply own shampoo and towels. Hotel/motel towels may not be used for bathing dogs.

6. The hotel/motel management may choose to remove all bedspreads from guestrooms occupied with dogs. Guests should provide sheets or covers for all beds and sofas or chairs in their rooms to avoid significant dog hair accumulation on the furniture.

7. Hotel/motel guests are requested to voluntarily report damages when and if they occur. Rooms will be inspected daily by members of the hotel/motel staff & observed violations or damages will be reported to the hotel/motel management and/or the Specialty Investigative Committee.

8. Dogs should only be “exercised” in designated areas on motel premises. Every dog owner is expected to pick up after their own dog(s) & dispose of waste in designated trash cans. Failure to do so should be reported to the Specialty Investigative Committee. Observe “no dogs” posted areas. It is the responsibility of the dog owner/agent to find out from the hotel’s staff where these areas and cans are located if not clearly marked. Do not allow your dog to urinate or defecate on the hotel/motel buildings, or on the landscaped areas of the hotel.

9. Due to health regulations and the presence of non-dog owning guests at the host hotel, dogs are not allowed near food service areas or any area posted as prohibited. No dogs are allowed in the restaurant, lounge, pool or pool area, fitness center, meeting rooms (without club approval) or public restrooms.

10. Do not let your dog become a nuisance to your neighbor. There will be non-dog guests at the hotel. Excessive barking will be reported to the Specialty Investigative Committee and repeat violators may be asked to leave.

11. RV parking will be in an area designated by the hotel. RV parking at the specialty host hotel/motel is by prior reservation only. The specialty host hotel/motel will provide each RV staying on site with a Parking Permit.

12. RV’s are expected to keep their parking area neat and clean at all times.

13. Each dog owner/agent/RVer/guest is expected to cooperate with the hotel/motel and/or Specialty Investigative Committee.

14. Dog owners/agents/room registrants will be financially responsible for damage to hotel/motel rooms caused by their dog(s) or themselves. This includes, but not limited to replacement cost for carpeting if odors or stains cannot be removed by traditional cleaning methods.

15. Dog owners/ agents/room registrants/RVers are expected to settle damage claims on the spot, or else must be willing to furnish information, such as insurance policy numbers & other pertinent information as required/requested.

16. Any guest found not to be following the above rules may be asked to leave the hotel/motel without a refund. Should a hotel/ motel, for cause, deem it necessary to cancel room privileges, the registrant agrees to forego legal actions against the CWCCA & the hotel/motel.

17. Exhibitors understand and agree that violations may be referred to the Event Committee if written charges are preferred. If such charges are upheld by the Event Committee, it may lead to suspension from future show privileges.

18. Hotels/motels have the right to charge a deposit (refundable or nonrefundable). The Specialty Investigative Committee, working in a fair and impartial manner, is charged with investigating complaints and will work closely with the Host hotel/motel Staff and Event Committee to enforce the above rules. Prompt and decisive action will be taken in the case of rule violations. Depending on the severity of misconduct, disciplinary actions may include charges against CWCCA members filed with the CWCCA Board of Directors or charges under American Kennel Club rules, which would be handled by the Event Committee acting as a Trial Board under the authority of the AKC.

19. The Hotel/motel and Event Committee reserve the privilege of enacting additional rules as situations require.

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