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Question: I believe I made a mess on an order I thought I submitted on already.  I had ordered two T-shirt’s, 1 sweatshirt and a mug.  Just went to purchase the sport banquet and see all of that sitting in my cart.  Did they not go through?  Not sure if anything can be done.  

Please advise…

Answer:  What happens when you order and go to PayPal is that I get a notice and mark your order “complete” so it goes through. But if you close out of PayPal without pressing the “return to merchant” button the shopping cart does not know the order has been completed to remove the items from your cart.

I don’t have access to carts in progress and don’t know that people have closed out instead of completing so I can’t do the cleanup. You can click the red x to the left of each item to remove it from your cart.
You can review your orders and their status at any time by going to “Your orders and account info” on the bottom of the right-hand menu or under Cardishop on the top main menu.

Question:  I may have missed it in the Cardishop, but I would like to purchase a marked catalog.

Answer: We no longer offer the marked catalog for several reasons. Not only is it difficult to find a volunteer to do so, but in the past there was a problem with incorrect marking.

The full catalog markings will be available on the website after the specialty.  I also hope that someone will be able to get the dry-erase board to the specialty this year in which case we will be able to mark each class so that people in attendance can mark their catalogs from it.

Question: I am unable to pay an extra donation online. The place to put the amount shows $1.00 and I can’t change it to the proper amount due.

Answer: The price cannot be changed on an individual item. The work-around is to put the amount you wish to donate in the field that is generally quantity (whole dollars only).  



Question: I’m trying to pay for grooming, but cannot. Is the password required, the password for the CWCCA website or for PayPal? It will take neither. I don’t get it!

Answer: The password for the National Specialty website is neither your PayPal password nor (necessarily) the same as your member section password. This is a separate website as it has accounts for non-members as well as members.

There is a “forgot password” step, but I can also reset it for you. E-mail cwcca.web@gmail.com or helpdesk@cardigancorgis.com.

Step 1: Click the Click here to login.  Then if you do not remember the password you set up, click on the Lost your password link.  Additional hint: when you do login if you click the box by Remember me you will not have to login each time.

Step 2: After clicking the Lost your password?  you will get the screen below. Type either your username (if remembered) or your e-mail address in the box and click on Reset password.

Step 3: If your account is on file you will get this screen:

Step 4: Check your e-mail and click the reset link.

Step 5: The link will take you back to the website to enter a new password.

All done!

Question: When will the COF (Consolidated Order Form) be available?

Answer: The COF was replaced starting in 2018 with our NS Cardishop online store. In this way we can add items as they are ready. You can order items as you are ready to pay for them or wait and do one grand order at the end.

Question: I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still use Cardishop?

Answer: Yes! When you check out you will be given the choice to pay by check or through PayPal. If you choose to pay by check your order will be on hold until the check is received, at which time you will receive a confirmation upon our release of the order. If you choose to pay by PayPal but do not have an account when PayPal opens click on the box that says “Pay by Debit or Credit Card”. 

Question: Are dogs allowed at the annual banquet?

Answer: The banquet isn’t set up for dogs. Food service is formal. Before there’s generally a cash bar and people milling around visiting and perusing the silent auction items.

Question: I chose “Pay by Check” when I entered my order. Where do I mail my check?

Cheryl Kienast, Treasurer 
P. O. Box 295
Knoxville, TN. 37901-0295


Question: Under Stud Dog/Brood Bitch it states “none of the dogs or bitches making up the entry judged first in the class will be eligible to compete for Best of Breed by virtue of having won this class.” All three of the dogs/bitches I want to put in stud dog /get are finished, so if I win the stud dog class, I cannot put any of the three dogs/bitches into Best of Breed on Saturday correct?

Answer:  I agree that the wording is confusing. They can be entered in best of breed. What the paragraph is trying to say is that if the stud dog wins the class that doesn’t make any non-champion get eligible to show in best of breed. The words that clued me in were “by virtue of having won this class”. So the “judged first” means judged and given first place, not judged prior to best of breed. In the stud dog paragraph above it says the get must be entered in a regular class and includes best of breed in the statement.


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