In 2018 the Triathlon Challenge competition will again be held to honor the most versatile Cardigan Corgi competing in multiple event categories. The Triathlon welcomes and encourages all entrants and their Cardigans regardless of level and expertise.  It is intended to honor those dogs and owners who participate in a variety of events at our National Specialty. If this is your first participation in the Triathlon, please be sure to read the Triathlon guidelines carefully before entering your Cardigan.  For those who have participated in past Nationals, there have a been a few clarifications and modifications made to the guidelines you may wish to read.

For 2018, the herding event is being held over three days.  However, Saturday is the only official CWCCA national herding event day.  If you are entering the CWCCA National herding event and the Triathlon, points will be counted for herding scores earned on Saturday only.

 2018 Triathlon rules and Event Point Schedules.

Awards will be given to High Scoring and Reserve High Scoring triathlete. Third and fourth placements will also be honored as will the High Scoring Champion of Record. Rosettes will be award to each placement and the Triathlon Challenge winner will receive a $100 cash prize.

The Triathlon entry fee is $10.00 for each dog regardless of the number of events/classes entered in the Triathlon Challenge. This fee is in addition to the entry fees for regular and non-regular classes. Cardigan triathletes and their owners must be pre-registered to participate.

Triathlon Committee:

  • Chair: Carolyn Tompkins
  • Conformation: 
  • Agility/Obedience/Rally: 

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