Scent Work

New for 2019!  

Our first Scentwork Test will be held on Tuesday, May 6th concurrent with our Obedience and Rally Trials.

Click here to learn about this new sport.

Scent Work Chair:

Stephanie Hoyer

Volunteers Needed:

  1. Gate Stewards (2)
    • Keep the queue exhibitors flowing smoothly.
    • Use megaphone to call for exhibitors to come to the queue area
    • Have them wait under the e-z up until called into the hallway by 2nd gate judge.
    • Check name and number and cross off list as exhibitors enter.
    • Note: DO NOT OPEN DOOR TO SEARCH AREA. Judge’s Steward will invite exhibitor into search area once the previous dog has exited.
  2. Judge’s Steward (1)
    • Handle score sheets and greet exhibitor.
    • Put entrant score sheet on a clipboard as they enter.
    • Give clipboard to judge
    • Put completed score sheet in finish box.
    • Make sure entrant has exited search area before inviting next person in.

  3. Timer
    • Must be able to use stopwatch. (i.e. NEVER press middle button), left button=start/stop, right button=clear
    • Time exhibitor from start to fiish of search per judge’s direction
    • Time is recorded to the hundredth of a second.
  4. Parking lot steward
    • Help gate steward find exhibitors in parking area.
  5. Score sheet Runner
    • Collect score sheets from finished box and take them to the trial Secretary.
  6. Hide Steward: Should be the same person for the ENTIRE DAY. The hide steward cannot compete in the trial.
    • At direction of the judge places the hide in search area.
    • Should wear vinyl gloves when setting hides
    • Should NOT handle or touch any other items.
  7. Cold Box Handler
    • Arranges and straightens, or replaces NON ODOR boxs.
    • Do NOT touch boxes holding odor
  8. Hot Box Handler
    • Arranges and straightens, or replaces ODOR boxes.
    • Do NOT touch or handle boxes not holding odor


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