Scent Work

The Scentwork Test on Tuesday, August 18th concurrent with our Obedience and Rally Trials.




Scent Work Chair: 
Stephanie Hoyer

Merinda Tiffany

Trial Secretary:
Barb Bumcrots




  1. Gate Stewards (2)
    • Keep the queue exhibitors flowing smoothly.
    • Use megaphone to call for exhibitors to come to the queue area
    • Have them wait under the e-z up until called into the hallway by 2nd gate judge.
    • Check name and number and cross off list as exhibitors enter.
    • Note: DO NOT OPEN DOOR TO SEARCH AREA. Judge’s Steward will invite exhibitor into search area once the previous dog has exited.
  2. Judge’s Steward (1)
    • Handle score sheets and greet exhibitor.
    • Put entrant score sheet on a clipboard as they enter.
    • Give clipboard to judge
    • Put completed score sheet in finish box.
    • Make sure entrant has exited search area before inviting next person in.

  3. Timer
    • Must be able to use stopwatch. (i.e. NEVER press middle button), left button=start/stop, right button=clear
    • Time exhibitor from start to fiish of search per judge’s direction
    • Time is recorded to the hundredth of a second.
  4. Parking lot steward
    • Help gate steward find exhibitors in parking area.
  5. Score sheet Runner
    • Collect score sheets from finished box and take them to the trial Secretary.
  6. Hide Steward: Should be the same person for the ENTIRE DAY. The hide steward cannot compete in the trial.
    • At direction of the judge places the hide in search area.
    • Should wear vinyl gloves when setting hides
    • Should NOT handle or touch any other items.
  7. Cold Box Handler
    • Arranges and straightens, or replaces NON ODOR boxs.
    • Do NOT touch boxes holding odor
  8. Hot Box Handler
    • Arranges and straightens, or replaces ODOR boxes.
    • Do NOT touch or handle boxes not holding odor


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