Obedience and Rally

Call your dog: Back-to-Back Cardigan  Obedience and Rally Trials will be held on Tuesday, August 18th 2020

Two obedience trials, two rally trials.

We are anticipating a wonderful entry of Cardigans to present to the judges.


Obedience Chair:
Sharon Gewecke
Email:  Sharon.gew@yahoo.com 

Rally Chair:
Deb Frank
Email: deb.frank@outlook.com

Obedience and Rally Judges:
Bonnie and Russell Hornfisher

Note: On page 20 of the Premium List it states “No Soft Sided Crates in Royal Canin Ring and Eukanuba Field”.  We have double-checked with Roberts Centre management and we are allowed to use soft-sided crates for Monday and Tuesday day-crating.



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