Health Clinics

DNA Testing

DNA Test Kits: The following DNA test kits and assistance in collecting samples will be available:

    • DDC: Coat Colors, DM, Coat Length (fluffy)
    • Vetnostic: DM, PRA, Coat Colors, Coat Length
    • UC Davis: Coat Colors, Merle

The kits will be distributed by members of the Health Committee, Tuesday through Saturday. Information on discounts will be available at the NS Cardishop. Questions should be directed to Barbara Merickel, Health Committee Chairman, at

Entries are not yet open.

CHIC DNA Repository

The CHIC DNA Repository, sponsored by the OFA, collects and stores canine DNA samples along with corresponding genealogic and phenotypic information to facilitate future research and testing aimed at reducing the incidence of inherited disease in dogs.

OFA charges a $20 fee to process and store each sample.

The CWCCA is planning to sponsor a DNA collection clinic at a future National Specialty but the Health Committee will collect blood samples this year for any members who order a collection kit and bring it to the National Specialty.

Test kits may be ordered from OFA at

Please contact Barbara Merickel with any questions:

Eye clinic


Appointment times will be assigned and posted that morning along with directions to the clinic location which will be at Purina. Bring your dog’s registration information for the OFA form.

The cost per dog per examination is $30. Please sign up at our NS Cardishop as the number of onsite registrations may be limited and walk in appointments will be at the ophthalmologist’s discretion.

Entries are not yet open.

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