AKC GAZETTE JUNE 2018 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Column Let’s face it, if you really want to be consistently competitive in the Herding Group ring with a Cardigan, you need something that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you expect to seriously participate in the group ring someday, you should be watching them repeatedly with eyes wide open. Once you have done so, ask yourself one simple question. What one feature seems to dominate among those that regularly place? The answer is that the top four will have outstanding movement. It is really difficult for an accomplished judge […]

AKC GAZETTE SEPTEMBER 2017 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Column Under the current AKC guidelines for obtaining the honor of judging a particular breed is the requirement that an approved mentor must have at least 12 years of verifiable experience with the breed in question. Unfortunately, just because one has been exposed in some manner for that minimum amount of time doesn’t equate to having the skills to educate others in the nuances of said breed. As the gene pool of people with a “good eye for a dog” seems to be diminishing, finding just the right teacher can sometimes be […]

AKC GAZETTE MARCH 2015 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Column “What’s the difference between Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis?” is the question most frequently heard at Corgi booths at AKC Meet the Breeds events. Many people know that Cardigans have tails, and some recognize that our dogs have larger, more rounded ears, and a few are even aware that they “come in more colors”—but there is much more to distinguish the two breeds. After several years of fielding this question on the fly, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America decided it was time to coordinate and standardize our […]

AKC GAZETTE MARCH 2014 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Column In many breeds, the topic of size (too large or too small) comes up frequently and Cardigans are no exception. Such conversations can turn acrimonious when it comes to discussions of the breed. The current AKC standard states that ideally, dogs should be from 30 to 38 pounds; bitches from 25 to 34 pounds and that “Overall balance is more important than absolute size”. However, the first AKC Cardigan standard published in 1938 lists the preferred weights as dogs from 18-25 pounds and bitches from 15-22 pounds. So what happens when […]

AKC GAZETTE SEPTEMBER 2013 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Column Cardigan breeders and breeder judges often say, “The front is the hallmark of the breed.” Yet the front seems to be the part that is the most difficult to “get.” The correct Cardigan front is not out atthe elbows; the ankles don’t collapse inward; the paws shouldn’t turn out beyond 30 degrees; the chest is not flat between the legs; the legs are not straight and set far apart. The prosternum is not flat, the shoulders are not straight, and the prosternum and the elbow should not be so close together that […]