AKC GAZETTE DECEMBER 2018 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Column DNS … After a frustrating day at the dog show, one might come home and place these three letters in a database next to the name of a particular judge who just didn’t meet your standards that weekend. However, let’s take a hard look at what those  letters mean and see just what it should take for a judge to earn that designation in your little black show record book When perusing the numerous premium lists for shows, seasoned exhibitors will recognize those judges who generally have a good eye for their breed or perhaps have consistently awarded their stock in the show […]

AKC GAZETTE SEPTEMBER 2016 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Column This year, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America (CWCCA) held the first annual Triathlon Challenge in conjunction with the breed’s national specialty in May. Cardigans were originally bred to be a multipurpose farm dog. While most don’t live on a farm anymore, their multi-talented mind and body can compete in almost any companion or performance event, as well as conformation. One of our members, Carolyn Tompkins (Rhoswen Cardigans) had contacted the board with her idea for a Triathlon Challenge—and the rest, as they say, is history. But I’ll let Carolyn […]

AKC GAZETTE MARCH 2016 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Column Our guest columnist is Jinnie Strickland, breeder-owner-handler of the first Senior-titled Barn Hunt Cardigan and corresponding secretary of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America. Cardigans are very well suited for the sport of Barn Hunt. Historically an all-purpose farm dog, a Cardigan might have been expected to hunt vermin on a Welsh farm. Being athletic, independent thinkers, Barnhunting is nothing but fun for many Cardigans. So what is Barn Hunt? It is a timed event to test your dog’s vermin searching (hunting) and marking (finding) ability in a barnlike setting. […]

AKC GAZETTE SEPTEMBER 2015 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Breed Column It’s never too early to consider how we’d interact with our dogs through temporary, permanent, or progressive changes in our or our dogs’ mobility as a result of temporary setbacks such as surgery, progressive medical conditions including degenerative myelopathy (DM), and age-related changes in ability to “get up and do.” Rather than present a how-to, I hope sharing some of my pre-emptive strategies in the face of a progressive neuromuscular disease would change the way I approached working with my dogs may help others to initiate some games and training tactics […]